Peer Mentoring: Materials

User-friendly tools to start right, keep the process going and make sure that ideas are put into practice.

Lesson Plans

This how-to manual will give participants in the process the ability to teach each of the nearly 100 topics effectively. The 485 page manual includes:

  • step-by-step instructions on setting up a learning team
  • how to run a learning session
  • lesson plans for each topic
  • supporting materials to make learning interesting and enjoyable, including reproducible overheads, games, quizzes, role-plays and simulation

The learning modules contained in the Lesson Plans manual, can be purchased individually. Click on BUY Products and Services for prices.

The Instant Manager

Cy Charney's best selling book containing the content for each of the 100 skills your team will learn. Each member of the learning team needs a copy of this resource book so that they can prepare for the session and maintain a summary of what they learned.

This unique book sets out the 100 vital skills in alphabetical order for quick reference, and presents the key ideas on each topic in a checklist format. It's like a summary of 100 workshops!

The Trainer's Guide

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step manual is used by Trainers to set up new learning teams. It details the entire process and content on the exciting one-day workshop. It includes copies of all overheads, details on how to conduct the workshop, times for each section and cross references to pages in the Participant's manual.

The Participant's Manual

This 50-page manual is used by participants as part of their induction to the Peer Mentoring™ one- day workshop. The manual contains all the tools each member will need to guide them through the process, includes planning guides, evaluation checklists, cross-references of all topics and much more!

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