Customized In-House Training Programs

“If you think that training is expensive then you haven’t calculated the cost of ignorance.”
Your organization could be wasting many thousands of dollars through wasteful training. Consider outsourcing your training initiatives. As seasoned facilitators we can:

  • Conduct a professional needs analysis
  • Align training process and content with your core competencies and values
  • Develop of a customized learning plan for all key employees
  • Deploy of a variety of learning opportunities for employees with different learning styles including self-directed team learning, lunch and learns, webinars, workshops, a mentoring program and coaching for high potentials and executives.

Your training efforts will gain in importance and prestige by utilizing professionals that have decades of experience and excellent reputations.
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Customized Training

Our workshop design and facilitation is learner centered. Our facilitation is geared to the learners, their needs, learning preferences and styles. We engage participants physically and emotionally so that they become engaged and take responsibility for the workshop success and outcomes.

Our workshops are fast paced and laden with stories, humour and practical tools. Theory, ideas and concepts are presented in the context of real world situations and are laced with relevant stories. Participants will also be given time to share their ideas in open sessions and in small group settings. They will be constantly busy and engaged in hands-on exercises, case discussions and simulations that are customized to fit the reality of their working world.

Participants will be able to return to work with an action plan that they can put into practice right away.

Cy Charney works internationally. This is a group of participants from Nigeria at a leadership development program in Europe.