Key-note Presentations

Delivered recently by Cy Charney



Spoke to an enthusiastic, standing room only audience at the Association of Legal Administrators Annual conference in Toronto.  The 90 minute presentation covered the challenges faced by middle managers who are squeezed in the middle by higher expectations of front-line staff while at the same time needing to influence senior managers (lawyers) regarding more strategic issues.

The presentation was a resounding success as judged by the enthusiastic feedback both immediately after the session and through formal feedback.

A sample of feedback:

"This is a fabulous speaker.  And, he was entertaining."

"Cy was excellent!!! A+++++++ Seriously, the best speaker."

"Cy was knowledgeable and entertaining."

"Awesome presentation.  Good ideas, great insight, inspirational and enjoyable.  Bring him back."



Spoke at the annual conference of the BC Human Resources Management Association in Vancouver in May 2013.  I gave an overview of the importance of mentoring as a strategy to create new leaders and to retain high-potential employees.  I also provided strategies that would build productive relationships between mentor and protege based on trust, openness and mutual respect.

The participants feedback was excellent! I was rated the second best presenter out of 22 (will try harder next time!) with a score of 27.38 out of 30. 



Delivered to the Inspire Group at TransCanada Piplines Ltd. in Calgary, October 26, 2009.  The presentation demonstrated the power that members have to make a difference to the professional lives and careers of high-potential employees. 


Thank you very much!!  You inspired me!! ” 

Janet Currie



Presented at the annual conference of the staff of the Christian Labour Association of Canada in Chatham, ON on Friday September 26, 2009.  The two-hour presentation covered skills that help people not only cope, but thrive, at work and home. 


We had a wonderful day with a great start to the morning.  You were incredible!  I must admit that a few people approached me during our five minute break with you and told me that when they saw the agenda they were not pleased to see a two-hour presentation - that was before they heard you speak!  They quickly changed their tunes.  Everyone was impressed from start to finish!  I even had an office head from Mississauga call me to tell me she heard wonderful things from her staff about the meeting and our guest speaker!  Good news travels fast

Thanks again for an amazing morning...YOU ROCK CY! ” 

Brenna Bellan
Office Administrator




This presentation was made to the staff of the York University Foundation at their annual meeting.  The content covered the strategies that great athletes and teams use to achieve exceptional performance and how these might be applied at work. The presentation was very interactive and experiential and took place at York University on August 18, 2009. 


Thank you so very much for your wonderful presentation this morning.  It was right on target.  Your insight was a real catalyst for team growth at YUF . This was a great day for YUF and you were a very big part of this success.  Thank you again.”

David Timms, CFRE
Chief Development Officer, Faculty of Fine Arts 

and the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU)
York University Foundation

“Thank you. It was a great day!"

Samantha Jones
Director, Integrated Marketing

York University Foundation  


This presentaton was delivered at the annual conference of the Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth at Deerhurst Resort, Muskoka on June 3, 2009.  The one-hour interactive presentation was customized for the audience to reflect new challenges faced by the industry.

 Early feedback from Richard Solomon, the Executive Director, was very positive.  "Thanks again for presenting such a fine keynote session at the recent OARTY conference.  From the evaluation forms, it is clear that all delegates thoroughly enjoyed your presentation."


Delivered at the annual conference of staff responsible for Records Management in the Ministry of the Environment, November 6, 2008 in Toronto.  The 80 attendees were enthusiastic participants in the interactive presentation which focused on Influence Skills.  The presentation covered the importance of maximizing one's power in order to bring about value-added changes to the Ministry's stakeholders.  It provided the participants with a number of sources of power allowing them to understand that they had more power to influence intransigence than they otherwise realized.  Also covered were the behaviours that encourage buy-in such as humility and engagement. 

Feedback from the organizer, Heidi Ritscher:  "Wonderful feedback received - you were a hit!"  (

Other feedback from the evaluations:

  • "Dynamic, fun, informative."
  •  "Engaging and upbeat, which was good for the a.m."
  • "The best thing was that he didn't define who leads, follows, but implied everyone has the ability to influence and contribute to their direction."
  • "Very pleasing talk about power of humility.  Entertaining and informative."
  • "Absolutely excellent.  Engaging, informative, very interesting and useful.  Too short!  Icould have listened to him all day!!"
  •  "Speaker was very humorous and the info presented most interesting.  The subject matter was very relevant in both work and personal environment."
  • "Entertaining, charming, excellent"
  • "He was funny, he was an amazing presenter!  His way of presenting motivates you to try his methods at work as well as in your personal life!  Well done!"
  • Great humour in presentation.  Kept the audience involved with the presentation.  Good interaction."
  • "Entertaining, captivating, humorous, informative.  A great way to start the day."


Delivered at the annual convention of managers of Atlific Hotels, a 50 property chain of hotels across Canada.  Held at their Temple Gardens Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw, SK on April 27, 2008, the presentation was acclaimed and was rated "fantastic" by the general manager of the chain's largest hotel in Eastern Canada. 


We delivered a half-day interactive presentation for over 200 staff members of The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation at their annual "Town Hall Meeting" held in Toronto on May 1, 2008.  The general manager of the Ontario Region complimented us for the power and practicality of the presentation.


Delivered at the Crown Counsel Leadership Conference of the Ministry of the Attorney General, British Columbia, on November 22, 2007. 


"Thank you so much for your presentation.  It was great - lots of good practical content, lots of engagement, and lots of humour.  I've got some of the evaluations back, and 19% rated you a 4 out of 5, and 78% gave you a 5 - pretty impressive!  You helphed make it what people have uniformly described as our best leadership conference yet."


Delivered to the annual conference of Canon Canada employees in Muskoka, on August 23, 2007, the presentation covered the challenges associates with building continuous improvement strategies into everyday business practices. 


On the question: "The information relates to my job tasks", the score was 4.5 out of 5.
On the question: "The instructor was positive and enthusiastic about the subject matter" , the score averaged 4.7 out of 5.
On the question: "Overall the instructor did an excellent job in presenting this course", the average score was 4.7 out of 5.


Delivered to teachers and support staff of CHAT High School in Thornhill, ON on September 19, 2007.

The presentation covered the challenges associated with treating parents of the students as clients, and the methods of successfully communicating with them.  Rated highly effective and by one teacher, "The best presentation that we have ever had."


Delivered to the annual conference of the Human Resource Association of Ontario on February 3, 2006.

Comments from the written feedback sheets:

"Absolutely fabulous."
"Excellent session!"
"Extremely valuable and simple to understand."
"Excellent session - relevant, practical and useful….thanks."
"Wonderful session."
"Well done! Thank you!"
"Very good - practical and therefore helpful."
"Best session I have attended."


Delivered to the International Society of Productivity Improvement, Vancouver, March 14, 2002.  This presentation covered innovative strategies that would help improve the performance of people in organizations.  Part of the session included a 45 minute Drum Circle to give participants the ability to experience true teamwork.


"Thanks, thanks, and ever thanks.

I'm quoting Shakespeare in the subject line - but the sentiment suits!

Thanks again for your work in the seminar yesterday.  You were right when you said there is nothing worse than training a group of trainers. When I attend seminars, I often find that I learn the same thing over and over again -that  I could be delivering this same material myself, and doing it much better.

Not so with you my friend!  What a joy to take part in a presentation in which one truly discovers new horizons and gains insights that are immediately applicable. Your style of presentation is a manifestation of the integrity and sincerity you demonstrate in your work, and more importantly a product of the same principles by which you live your life.

The addition of the drumming to your presentation as an experiential anchor for the metaphor of team work and leadership is truly inspired. Friends have attempted to involve me in drumming. Although I've been very interested in it, I've never actually made the time and committed to doing it.  I think yesterday may have tipped the scales for me in that respect  - so I thank you for that as well.

Weston McMillan
Program Design Manager
Air Canada


Delivered to the Ontario Association of Child Aid Societies, Toronto, May 2, 2000


"Your contribution as Tuesday Luncheon Speaker set a positive, energetic tone to the conference."

Dianne Cresswell, Manager of Communications, Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies


Delivered to the Society for International Training and Communications, Toronto, June 15, 2000


"Wonderful! You were inspiring."

Brenda Eckstein, President ITC.


This presentation covered the importance and strategies of becoming increasingly customer oriented. We examined the key components of a successful customer service strategy, giving time for the participants to examine the model and to identify the organization's strengths and weaknesses using it. Finally, plans were drawn up, based on the input of problem-solving teams, to address key issues.

Delivered to the management of the Office of Economic Policy of the government of Ontario. Toronto, June 22, 2000. Bonnie Lemcke (416) 325-0765,


The presentation to the Pharmaceutical Sciences Group will deal with survival strategies during times of rapid change. Delivered in St. Catharines, Ontario on October 24, 2000. For more information, contact Dr. Helen


Delivered to the York University's Business and Professional Alliance. Toronto February 21, 2001. The talk covered 3 strategies to unlock the potential of people in organizations: Coaching, Mentoring & Team Self-Directed Learning (Peer Mentoring)


"The talk was inspirational. We hope you'll come back again and again."

Marie-Therese Chaput, MLS, Director of Development, York University.

"The feedback was very positive. You certainly captured everyone's attention. I thought your analogy of a baseball team and teamwork at the office was great and very easy to relate to."

Helen Gross, Development Officer, York Business & Professional


Delivered to The Human Resource Association of Israel, Tel Aviv, June 14, 2000.


"You were the star of the entire conference"

Nava Eldar, Conference organizer.

"Your presentation truly made a difference in my life. Especially that that you have taken the time to share your experience and valuable experience with us at the end of the seminar."

Natascha Stecket.

"In every conference I go I usually find at most one lecture that made it worth-coming (usually none). After your lecture on measuring training outcomes, on 16/6/2000 in Israel, I went directly home (even skipped dinner), because I knew that I just heard the one lecture that will improve what I'm doing, and there was no need staying anymore. I admit, it's the 1st time I see a measuring method that's simple enough but still looks promising and useful - especially because it comes from the people and not from the manager."

Adar Weidman

"I'd like to thank you for the 2 great lectures I've heard from you. It was exciting to attend such a demonstration of enlightenment, humor, good training and practicability - and all in one."

Shulamit Kupchik.