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For the first time we are self-publishing our latest books, Instant Managementand Just-in-Time Management.

The former book is aimed at senior managers or those aspiring to get to the top tier of their organization, while the latter is aimed at boosting the performance of middle managers.

Both books are written for busy, impatient managers who need to access practical advice quickly. The topics are clustered around general topic areas.  Each short chapter - typically only 2-3 pages in length -contains a checklist of ideas (close to 1000 in each book) that will empower the reader with new ideas that can be implemented right away.   The books are available by searching for Cy Charney at either Amazom.com, Amazon.ca, Chapters.ca or Indigo.ca.  They are available in both hard copy or as e-readers.

Peer Mentoring Expands in Africa

In association with the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK, Cy Charney spent a week in Nairobi, Kenya, working with senior managers in the public service to create a Peer Mentoring program that would encourage and enable self-directed team learning.

Peer Mentoring is a system of self-directed learning that enables volunteer learners to learn topics that will benefit them and their organization at regularly scheduled meetings.  The system was created a decade ago by Cy Charney in the knowledge that people retain and are more likely to use skills when they take ownership for teaching.  The system creates a learning culture in organizations as learning meetings are held regularly instead of periodically with members of the team doing the teaching and holding each other accountable for applying the skills between meetings.

This is the second country to introduce the system in Africa after a number of successful applications in South Africa over the last decade.

A Unique Approach to Leadership Development with Horses

Cy Charney with lead trainer Laura Hunter

The age-old question as to whether managers can be trained or that they must be trained to lead is moot. Finding ready-trained leaders is like looking for needles in a haystack. The best we can do is to find or promote high potentials and then give them the training and opportunity to excel.

Read the full brochure for "The Lead Horse" here.

New Program for High-Potential Employees

Prepare your high-potential managers for senior leadership roles with the Future Leader Peer Mentoring Program.

You are invited to nominate high-potential employees to join a Future Leaders team - the first program of its kind in Canada.

Charney & Associates Inc. is proud to announce the start of a new program for Leadership development, based on the success principles of its acclaimed Peer Mentoring program.

This one-year program brings together the best and brightest employees from organizations and industries across Canada.

Using proven self-directed learning and mentoring techniques, participants work as a team to acquire the skills and confidence necessary to become tomorrow's leaders.