Who we are

Charney & Associates Inc.

WE ARE highly trained and experienced professional consultants. Our staff and associates are located in most major centres in various parts of  North America and beyond. Our people are knowledgeable, creative, and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

OUR MISSION SAYS IT ALL "Charney & Associates Inc. is a management consulting organization which partners with select clients and provides simple, powerful solutions to help them achieve greatness."

OUR CLIENTS ARE leaders not followers. They have a restless energy that propels them to constantly challenge everything they do. They strive for perfection, involving people in the challenge. They treat their people as a resource, not an expense and provide ongoing opportunities for growth and learning.

Cy meeting Mr. Vikas Singh, President of Crux, India. 


#1. Meet the needs of your customers each time, every time, the first time.

To be a leader, your organization must provide on-time delivery of the best product or service. We can help you:

  • Establish a clear mission, that will benefit all your stake holders;
  • Set goals for performance improvement and cost reduction;
  • Establish new management processes that promote continuous improvement;
  • Set up systems for measuring and rewarding individual and team performance;
  • Train your people to worker smarter, not harder.

#2. Provide on-going Human Resource support.

It's a wonder that most organizations have a Human Resource department to deal with employee-related issues when they treat employees as an expense rather than a resource.  Why else would people be referred to as "billing units" or FTEs (full-time equivalents)?  Any resource can become depleted if no investment is made to constantly upgrade the resource.

 At Charney & Associates Inc., we can assist you in the development of your human capacity by:

  • Surveying your level of staff engagement
  • Building processes that will utilize your employee's talents more effectively
  • Identify future leaders
  • Build a succession plans
  • Create a program for the development of high-potentials
  • Coach employees who, for some reason, are in a "performance slump"
  • Resolve conflicts between people or department
  • Develop team cohesiveness
  • Provide a variety of high-quality training initiatives

#3. Create a talent management program

The Conference Board of Canada suggests that some 40% of all managers will be retiring in the next 10 years.  Accordingly, the pressure is on to develop a new generation of leaders that can seamlessly replace retiring employees or unexpected resignations.

 We can facilitate this process by:

  • Establishing core competencies and performance management systems
  • Creating a succession plans
  • Identifying high potential candidates
  • Creating learning/growth opportunities through effective coaching, mentoring, peer team learning, conventional training and challenging assignments.

#4. Restructure your organization for efficiency and productivity with a customer focus.

Hierarchical organizations were created 2,000 years ago. They have outlived their usefulness. To thrive in the global economy,  organizations needs to be flatter, organized around processes, emphasizing teamwork, talent development and a customer focus. This will ensure that client's needs are met better, quicker and at the lowest cost.

We work with leading North American organizations to redesign operations. Our assignments include streamlining of work processes, redesigning reward systems, creating measurement systems and establishing high performance teams.

#5. Strategic planning

We have a an effective strategic planning process.  We can facilitate strategic planning with your leadership team and make the process less political, more collaborative and results driven.  As a part of this process we can use our unique step-by-step template  to give participants a sense of direction and achievement as they work systematically through the process.  And, at the end, we help the team zero in on the biggest opportunities for performance improvement.  And, as a part of the process we can help create a Balanced Scorecard to track changes, so that tangible benefits can be derived from the process. 

#6. Train your people.

We offer effective training that leads to measurable improvements. These programs are customized to meet your needs.

We provide alternative training processes to the conventional classroom format.  Our Peer Mentoring System™ is a unique training program that enables people working in groups to facilitate and take responsibility for their own training, covering subjects of their choice, at times convenient to them.

We also design one-on-one Mentoring programs.

Our most frequently offered in-company training includes . . .

  • leadership
  • employee involvement
  • teamwork and team building
  • statistical methods of quality improvement
  • process improvement
  • conflict resolution
  • problem solving & decision making
  • effective meetings
  • project management
  • leadership development
  • managing change
  • negotiating skills
  • coaching and mentoring
  • customer service
  • basic supervision
  • leading high-performance teams

 Our workshops are experiential and participative, using modern adult education techniques. While some time is devoted to theory, most time is spent giving participants the chance to learn through practice and feedback.

We regularly conduct keynote speeches for conferences of major corporations.

Participants enjoying the experience of teamwork.

We regularly conduct keynote speeches for conferences of major corporations.  Favourite topics include:

 Leading from the middle

Mentoring conundrums

Coaching best practices.  What we can learn from buckets, tea cups and puppies 

Talking about the future; guess where we're going to spend most of our time! 

#7. Create High Performance Teams.

Many years of working with teams in all organizations have given us the capability to diagnose the reasons for poor team performance. We have a variety of strategies to get the team back on track through

  • Retreat activities, including Drum Circles, team problem solving, creating a joint visions missions and values.
  • Coaching of the Leaders.
  • Satisfaction surveys coupled with team problem solving.
  • Creating a team scorecard that can be used to monitor and promote continuous improvement.
  • Facilitated sessions using the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator® to help the team manage differences and value the unique “gifts” of each team member.


  • Understanding. We will understand your business and your challenges. Our experience with over 200 organizations in the public and private sector will enable us to bring a wealth of knowledge to bear on your business.
  • Teamwork. We will work with you to solve problems. We will provide the process and direction, and you will ensure implementation and constancy of purpose.
  • Frankness. If we believe you are working against your best interests, we will tell you so.
  • Accountability. e will meet or exceed your needs. If not, we will fix the problem at our own expense.
  • Service. Expect superior service, value and responsiveness.
  • Relationships.  We develop long-term relationships, based on performance and trust.
  • Results. We will produce value-added benefits. The benefits to your customers will be measurable and cost-effective.
  • Customization. We will take the time to ensure a perfect fit between our process and materials and your organization and its needs.