Creativity and Innovation Skills Development


Creativity is a core competency for leaders and managers. For innovation to flourish, organizations must create an environment that fosters change, risk taking and an appreciation of the of the  mavericks.  

Creativity at Work™ uses a balanced approach to developing creativity that includes both analytical and imaginative thinking derived from the great artists, scientists, and designers throughout history. This seminar provides your organization with a language and structure for fostering and managing innovation based on a seven step model. This structure provides the flexibility of incorporating a variety of  idea generation methods, depending on need, timing, and the size of the group.


At the end of this workshop, participants will know how to:

  • Generate, analyze, evaluate and implement ideas
  • Foster an innovative environment
  • Bring about grass roots innovation: How to promote your ideas, network, mobilize teams and implement innovation
  • Awaken the Creative Spirit
  • Develop their creativity and leadership skills
  • Thrive in change
  • Improve performance at meetings


Participants will become familiar with this seven step innovation model:

  1. Data Mining—Information Gathering
  2. Question Assumptions
  3. Clarify Focus — Frame the challenge
  4. Establish Criteria
  5. Generate Ideas
  6. Evaluate ideas
  7. Turn Ideas into Action

Participants will be able to use their new skills in

  • Strategic Planning initiatives
  • Branding Marketing 
  • Leadership and Team building
  • Change management
  • Organizational effectiveness initiatives


The activities in this workshop serve as catalysts for transformation and finding “group gold.” Tapping into dormant talents help people feel more confident and unafraid of embracing the future. Exercises designed to effect shifts in perception, help people break out of traditional mindsets. Activities involving art, imagery, poetry, storytelling and improvisation, create a lively and friendly atmosphere, that awaken the senses, sharpen insights and allow exciting possibilities for taking creative risks—both personally and professionally. Each activity is tied in with the real life situations of your workplace, to help you gain new insights and stimulate breakthrough thinking.

  • Explore some of the thinking strategies of geniuses in science, such as Einstein, da Vinci, Edison and Tesla. Learn how you can apply these strategies to your  work.
  • Examine creativity and innovation “best practices” of some of  the world’s most ingenious companies, including IBM, 3M, and Apple; and how you can benefit in your workplace.
  • Experiment with ideation tools derived from the arts and apply artful thinking to improve business performance. Rehearse “what if” options that lead to meaningful insights regarding change.