Peer Mentoring

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The Peer Mentoring System™ - not just what to learn, but also how to learn

Leaders understand that an organization’s intellectual capital will be their most important competitive weapon in the foreseeable future. Motivated, knowledgeable people are the key to exceptional performance and growth. But building knowledge workers is neither easy nor cheap. Few organizations have found the formula for success.

Spending more on formal training seldom provides the expected payback. Those in the people development field realize only too well that there are many ways to develop people, not all of which are of equal effectiveness. Development is mistakenly often seen purely as a matter of funding: the more spent on training the greater will be the benefit. This is not always the case. Many training dollars are wasted because classroom time is ineffective, In fact, according to William Glasser, the most effective strategies of learning and retention fail to take place in conventional classroom training. In fact we retain only

  • 10% of what we read;
  • 20% of what we hear;
  • 30% of what we see;
  • 50% of what we both see and hear.

A good classroom facilitator will also incorporate discussion time and experiential learning with would improve retention to 70 and 80% respectively. But, we retain 95% of what we teach others. However, this fact is lost on most managers of training as it is seldom considered as a viable learning option.

But, times have changed. Charney & Associates Inc. have created an effective method of engaging staff to train each other successfully. Peer Mentoring ™ is a system of self-directed learning for volunteer groups of 6-12 people. The system empowers people to learn in groups. It provides participants with a comprehensive set of “tools” to teach each other effectively. Participants typically come from various departments of an organization although sometimes they are all from the same department.

The learning team is established by participating in a one-days training session. After that, they meet on their own at regularly scheduled meetings. The team learn one topic at a time based on the curriculum they created with each member facilitating one of their chosen topics. Each learning session follows a disciplined agenda which ensures that people learn by seeing, hearing, discussing and experiencing the chosen skill of topic. In a nutshell, the Peer Mentoring ™ system gives participants the confidence and process to:

  • Learn together;
  • Identify and prioritize their own development needs;
  • Design and deliver effective learning sessions;
  • Maintain built-in checkpoints to ensure that the process is working;
  • Apply the skills right away.

Christie Digital staff in their Wokingham, UK office at the end of the team's start on Peer Mentoring.

The Learning "Tools"

The Peer Mentoring System™ provides each learning teams with the “tools” to take ownership of their learning successfully. These tools include:

  • The 550-page Lesson Plans. This comprehensive manual describes, in detail, how to conduct a successful learning session. The binder contains workshops covering nearly 100 topics. Each section includes a PowerPoint™ presentation and processes to enhance the learning experience including role-plays, quizzes, questionnaires, simulations and case studies.
  • A 200-page Lesson Plans manual is available covering 15 indicators of Emotional Intelligence. The manual is designed to enable groups that have been tested on the EQ-i, instrument, to work though common challenges together.
  • Cy Charney’s best-selling book The Instant Manager. This internationally successful book covers 100 basic managerial skills. It covers each topic in 2 to 3 pages and presents the information in checklist format.
  • A Participant’s Guide used in the initial training of the group. This workbook contains guidelines to conducting an effective Peer Mentoring session.
  • The Trainer’s Guide. An organization’s in-house coordinator will set up and conduct training for new teams using this manual as their guide. The manual contains detailed instructions on how to do the workshop and includes a PowerPoint™ presentation.


How does the Peer Mentoring System™ compare to conventional training approaches? Since its introduction, organizations using the process have reported immediate and ongoing benefits such as:

  • Improved commitment to and alignment with organizational goals;
  • Greater sense of ownership and accountability for ones career and learning;
  • Improved leadership ability;
  • Increased self-confidence and individual performance;
  • Increased collaborations between participants from different parts of the organization;;
  • Increased consistency in application of corporate policies and leadership practices;
  • Reduced staff turnover;
  • Reduced training costs.

In short, the Peer Mentoring System™ does more than teach - it transforms.


Charney & Associates Inc. consultants are able to customize the implementation for each client organization. These services may include all or some of following:

  • Recruiting the right people
  • Training the team
  • Training the in-house coordinator
  • Licensing the organization to set up new teams independently


Each learning teams will be fully equipped to learn any of the 100 skills listed in The Instant Manager. They will share leadership for implementing the program. The meetings are typically two hours in length with minimal preparation. The most important aspect of the training is that members take responsibility to learn and apply the skills between meetings.

After the first team has been set up, we will plan the expansion of the process until all volunteers are included.

One by one, your employee’s confidence and competence will grow, enabling them to make a greater contribution to the success of their organization.


After the first team has been set up, we will plan the expansion of the process until all volunteers are included.

We can continue to launch successful self-directed peer mentoring teams by conducting one-day workshops. Or, if you prefer, we will certify key people within your organization to promote the program and conduct ongoing training independently. They will operate under license to us and will be able to get ongoing assistance and material updates.


Our mission is to generate measurable, lasting training results that build competitive organizations. To do that, we will customize our system, enabling you to tap into the intellectual capital of your people.

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