Welcome to The Leadership Institute

Picture of Cy Charney

The Leadership Institute was established by internationally respected educator and author, Cy Charney, to meet a growing need to provide organizations with cost effective learning strategies to build the leadership capabilities of the next generation of leaders.  These strategies include

  • the creation of self-directed learning systems
  • improved coaching by managers
  • the creation of mentoring programs
  • conventional world-class training


We aim to transform the way employees learn and perform in organizations


We are dedicated to improving the performance of client organizations by facilitating effective leadership development strategies. We focus on high-potential employees who are both passionate about learning and capable of taking responsibility for their own development.


There are many ways of developing new leaders – conventional training, challenging assignments, coaching, to name a few. The Leadership Institute will provide you with state-of-the-art, low cost development alternatives. Your corporate or individual membership will give you and your associates the ability to:

1. Access over 100 training modules for self-directed team learning.

2. Participate in monthly web-based learning sessions.

3. Enjoy a preferential rate to access customized world-class in-house training.

4. Access to the content of outstanding best selling management books, on line.

5. Assess leadership skills on-line through a variety of instruments.

6. Evaluate your corporate culture using an on-line staff commitment survey.

7. Access an outside coach on an as-needed basis, through an 800 number.

For more information, click the links below for a brief presentation by Cy Charney:

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