Program for High Potentials


The Leadership pool in organizations is becoming increasingly shallow.  The need to develop the next generation of leaders is urgent and should be done, not as a matter of expediency, but as a matter of practicality.  One never knows when new leaders are called upon to fill the void following a retirement or resignation or retrenchment.

There are many ways to develop future leaders – workshops, mentoring, challenging assignments and job shadowing, to name a few. In addition, there is a powerful strategy that puts the onus for personal development where it belongs – with the future leader.

Created by Cy Charney, the Future Leaders Peer Mentoring program places your high-potential employee in a peer learning group where he/she will be involved in a challenging learning environment with a group of high-potential peers from different organizations.


Team members will meet monthly to learn from each other and be challenged to apply their learning between meetings. Each meeting will be hosted by a high-potential team member at their respective company. The meetings will include a review of the best practices from the host organization, discussion and problem solving of a challenge that the organization is facing and, finally, the learning of one topic chosen by the team.  The learning will use the materials from the acclaimed Peer Mentoring learning system, which incorporates leading-edge adult learning techniques.  The learning will be interactive, experiential and relevant.


Your organization will benefit from

  • More motivated, confident and self-reliant senior managers
  • Less chance of losing senior people that might not see the opportunity for promotion and growth within your company
  • Reduced disruption in the event that a senior position becomes vacant


Your high-potential employees will:

  • Establish a habit of life long learning and develop a close-working network of peers that they can call on informally for help and advice
  • Learn the art of responsibility and accountability
  • Develop increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Become more self-reliant and self-directed

With additional reading and the completion of an acceptable paper, participants can earn credits towards a recognized university degree.


Each participant must commit to

  • Attend a minimum of 80% of all meetings
  • Host one meeting during the year of their participation
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement


This program is only open to the best and brightest in any organization.  Potential participants will be evaluated on their education, experience, ability to learn in a self-directed environment, level in the organization and willingness to commit to the success of the team.


Cost per participant will depend on the services provided to each participant.

There are three levels of service:

  • Silver Level. This basic level will provide for an initial interview with the participant and his/her manager, and establish goals and plans.
  • Gold Level. In addition to the services in the basic level, goal services include an assessment of leadership abilities through interviews and a 360˚ evaluation.
  • Platinum Level. This service will include the Gold Level evaluation plus monthly follow-up coaching sessions.

The costs for the program will vary from $9,500 to $16, 000 depending on the level of customization needed. 

For more information, including an application form, contact us.