In-House Training Programs

Facilitators of our programs have a minimum of 20 years at teaching their particular subject. Our workshops are customized for each organization based on

  • The nature of the organization (industry, geographical location. public or private sector)
  • Whether the organization is unionized or is non-union
  • The organization level, experience and education of the participants
  • The culture of the organization
  • The organization’s Vision, Mission and Values

Our workshops are practical, fun and interactive. They tend to be fast paced, skill-laden that will ensure that participants get the skills, confidence and tools to make real changes for the benefit of all stakeholders. Participants learn by listening, seeing and above all, using hands-on practice. They also benefit from ongoing feedback from their peers and the facilitator. We use hands-on exercises, case discussions, and simulations that are customized to fit each organization’s situation.

We send participants back to work with an action plan that they can put into practice right away.

Participants have the ability to call on us informally at any time after the workshop for help with any implementation challenges. 

See Cy Charney explain his training philosophies at

Our most popular workshops include:

Strategic Planning Implementation using the Balanced Scorecard

Communication Skills for Leaders

Coaching and Mentoring for Peak Performance

Emotional Intelligence: the Key to Leadership Effectiveness

Facilitating Great Meetings

Success Skills for the New Manager

Improving Operational Performance Dramatically

Leading High Performance Work Teams

Leadership in a Union Environment

Leading in Challenging Times

Managing in a New Millennium

Negotiating and Influence Skills

Peer Mentoring™

Performance Management

Strategic Planning

Supervisory Training (Comprehensive)


Talent Management