Promoting Learning

Time is money. Provide your leaders with the answers to management challenges quickly by providing them with one of Cy Charney’s unique how-to books. These books are available for purchase individually through your favorite on-line book distributor.

Each book has up to 100 short chapters which are easy to read containing a summary of the best practices on the topic, presented in checklist format. The reader will seldom have to read any topic for more than a couple of minutes in order to cover 20 ideas, or more.

For senior leaders, get 80 chapters from Instant Leadership or The Leader’s Tool Kit more..

For middle managers, get 100 chapters from Just-In-Time Management or The Instant Manager more..

For front-line managers, get 85 chapters from The Portable Mentor more..

For Trainers, from Human Resources or line management, learn to Design Effective Workshops, Start off with a Bang! more..

For Sales people, learn to Manage your Territory and propel your sales and revenue skywards more..

To purchase any of these books, use the search feature on to locate books by Cy Charney.