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Dr. Brad McRae

Dr. Brad McRae, CSP, is an established author, keynote speaker and director of the Atlantic Leadership Development Institute. The purpose of the Atlantic Leadership Development Institute is to raise the quality of leadership in the private, public and volunteer sectors by identifying, assessing, and training select groups of high potential leaders.

The purpose of the Institute is to provide leaders with training in Negotiation, Presentation and Leadership, because it is the convergence of Negotiation, Presentation and Leadership that is at the heart of all successful organizations. Organizations can benefit from the training and coaching provided by the Leadership Institute to help bring their strategic plans to fruition.

Brad has presented across Canada and the United States, in Mexico, the Caribbean, England and Africa. He is a Platinum Level Presenter with Meeting Professionals International and has earned his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation.

Brad is the author of seven books including How to Write A Thesis and Keep Your Sanity; Practical Time Management: How to Get More Done in Less Time; The Seven Strategies of Master Negotiators; The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters and a gift book From Our Grandmother’s Lap: Lessons for a Lifetime. He is currently writing The Seven Strategies of Master Leaders and is the editor of The Negotiation Newsletter.

To enquire about how Dr. Brad McRae can add value to your organization, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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