Mentoring Programs

There are many ways to develop the confidence and competence of employees, but few are as important as mentoring. In North America it is estimated that some 40% of all managers are going to be retiring over the next 10 years. So, the need to pass knowledge and information is acute.

Mentoring can be defined as the development of one person by another, through regular contact, that will guide and nurture the Protégé towards a goal. The process will enable the Protégé to make a greater contribution to the organization.

Mentoring is a wonderful way to develop high-potentials and prepare them for leadership.

Few organizations take advantage of this opportunity. And, of those that do, many are unsuccessful. In fact, research suggest that more than 50% of relationships fail. Why is that? Our experience suggests that the primary causes are:

  • Inappropriate matching of the parties
  • Lack of training of both mentor and protege
  • Mentors seeing themselves as a guru instead of a guide

Let us help you establish an effective program.

We will help by

  • Creating a set of documented policies and practices
  • Identifying the “ideal” mentors and proteges
  • Matching effectively
  • Training all parties
  • Getting the process started on the right foot

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