Balanced Scorecard

Promoting Strategic Change with a Balanced Scorecard


Managers have traditionally evaluated their success based largely around historical financial measures. Living by measures such as ROI, monthly profit, profit margins and others has been the obsession of short-term driven thinking.

Forward thinking leaders act differently. In a word where change is radical, unpredictable, swift and necessary, they think about leading change rather than being dragged along by it. To do so they think and plan strategically. And they track performance holistically, considering all stakeholders, the past as well as the future

The Balanced Scorecard is a measure of strategic success. It can simultaneously track our progress in four key areas: service to customers, financial benefits, the effectiveness of internal processes, the ability to innovate and build leadership bench strength. As such its implementation is becoming a weapon of significant strategic value.

This workshop will give executives the enthusiasm and tools to set up a Balanced Scorecard in their area of responsibility.


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to

  1. Understand the value of the Balanced Scorecard;
  2. Use the Balanced Scorecard to improve performance;
  3. Understand the difference between modern and traditional measurement systems;
  4. Understand the pitfalls associated with changing measurement systems;
  5. Create a vision and mission for their organization;
  6. Identify key performance indicators that measure the benefits to all stakeholders;
  7. Differentiate between leading and lagging indicators;
  8. Set stretch goals with employees to spread ownership and enthusiasm; 
  9. Benchmark their organization's performance against the best;
  10. Link reward and recognition to the new performance indicators;
  11. Engage employees in the process and thereby improve responsibility and accountability.


  1. Performance Improvement explored
  2. Overview of the Balanced Scorecard
  3. Implementation: strategies and steps
  4. Front-line implementation strategies
  5. Managing Change

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