Organizational Impact

Leading for Organizational Impact

Addressing the most contemporary issues facing managers today


Inspired by the rise of a new generation of disrupting organizations, this workshop is designed for new-age managers bent on moving their organizations beyond good to great. This popular and comprehensive 5-day curriculum has been developed specifically for executives who understand the pains and gains of leading departmental and organizational performance improvement.

Your operating strategies are probably made up of many processes and practices that are obsolete. And, while some of these practices might have proven successful in the past, they are probably less so currently. We need to be focused on the future because that’s where we’re going to spend all of our time! going to be spending most of our time. So, building a new working culture; one that embraces challenges and change is essential. It is the task of leadership.

This workshop will give you special insights into the best practices of many admired leaders and organizations internationally. And it will give you the tools and techniques that will have application in your organization to meet the ever-increasing demands of stakeholders. Essentially, it will speed up the journey from average, or even good, to excellent!


At the end of this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Think strategically by becoming more conscious of best practices from organizations internationally
  • Open your organization to incorporate systems and processes that produce value-added benefits for all stakeholders
  • Raise the employee performance bar through raised expectations
  • Make changes to the structure of your team to facilitate value-added ongoing improvement
  • Facilitate measurable improved performance and innovation


  • Thinking and acting strategically
  • The leader as a coach
  • Leading high-performance teams
  • Creating a fast, focused work environment
  • Influencing intransigence
  • Making a difference

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