Unionized Environments

Managing in a Unionized Environment


This practical one-day workshop provides front-line managers with the tools to promote harmony and improve performance in the workplace. By expecting the best of people and introducing ways to involve the team, this skills-laden workshop will mix practical ideas with opportunities for discussion, sharing and practice, giving participants the confidence to return to their organizations with new tools and renewed ability to build and maintain an effective and motivated workforce.


Front-line Supervisors responsible for creating a positive working relationship with unionized employees and creating a high-performance work climate.


  • The daily challenge of supervision  
  • Setting expectations and performance improvement
  • Motivating staff
  • Influence skills and the promotion of change


In this intense and participative workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Modify their leadership style to have an impact on performance
  • Avoid being intimidated by the myths of working in a union shop
  • Raise the expectation bar and create a collaborative work environment
  • Engage employees to develop increased accountability and ownership
  • Deal effectively with poor performers

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