Overcoming Barriers to Innovation

According to the Council on Competitiveness "Innovation will be the single most important factor in determining America's success through the 21st century." Yet in most companies, innovation is more rhetoric than reality and few CEOs believe their organizations are good at innovation. Barriers to innovation include lack of resources, lack of processes and values that make creativity and venturing into the unknown a fearsome proposition. 

In this workshop we will examine a barrier that frustrates many innovators — the inability to sell a good idea — and discuss ways you can increase your influence so ideas get implemented. Drawing on personal experience, research findings and executive coaching frameworks, your facilitator will provide an overview of developing influence, power and impact to help you be more effective as a leader.


By the end of this workshop, participants will have

  • Knowledge of the key characteristics of influencing
  • Strategies for overcoming barriers to innovation through
  • Increased influence and impact among the folks that they work with
  • The ability to build and leverage their personal brand

This seminar can be sold as a package that includes individual and group coaching. This would be of interest to organizations concerned about developing and retaining talent.


Linda Naiman