Leadership: Creating a Legacy



A practical workshop to provide leaders with the tools to create a high performance organization before they are promoted or retire.


Every leader needs to think about the legacy that they want to leave behind. What will staff be saying about you at your retirement party? Will there be general embarrassment, with people looking at the floor trying desperately to find something positive about you.  Or, will it be a joyous occasion with large numbers of people all happy to extol the virtues of your leadership – how you had confidence in your staff, your willingness to listen and be influenced, the ease with which you found something good and positive in each person, how you celebrated each success, promoted and advocated for people and shared your wisdom readily.   

The leadership practices needed to create a positive legacy will also benefit your stakeholders right now.  

This workshop will give you the tools to create an exciting, focused, innovative environment in which your people will be challenged to meet the ever increasing demands of your stakeholders.


  • Creating a legacy by being clear about the future that you want to create
  • Aligning behaviours and rewards with your vision and mission
  • Mobilizing the team to create ownership and responsibility for the journey
  • Designing the right team structure to take the group to full empowerment
  • Adjusting your leadership style as your team and it’s key players mature and “grow”
  • Measuring your progress and establishing milestones
  • Raising the bar by raising your expectations
  • Dealing with people who don’t want to get on board


By the end of this workshop, participants will

  • Have a clearly articulated vision of where they want to take their organization, department or team
  • Have a strategy to evaluate their current level of effectiveness
  • Have a plan to take them forward including the development of their staff
  • Set milestones to ensure that they are on track
  • Measure their progress and involve their team in taking responsibility for progress
  • Celebrate progress in a way that doesn’t build in a sense of entitlement
  • Understand their leadership style and it’s impact on their legacy
  • Create development plans for staff so that they can take on increased challenges and responsibility
  • Deal effectively with people who are unwilling to commit to a continuous improvement plan


2 days


All participants will receive a copy of Cy Charney’s best selling book, The Instant Manager