Change Management

Change Management:
Leading Change through Strategic Planning


Many organizations are reeling under the pressures caused by a combination of fast-changing market conditions, plummeting budgets and new demands from customers.

Some are tackling the challenge with a regular dose of 'flavor of the month'. Needless to say, the changes brought about in these situations are typically superficial with benefits short-lived. The organization will soon revert to its original state, leaving staff more skeptical, confused and angry.

Effective leaders understand that their organizations need to constantly innovate, change and adapt. To do this, people need to know about future changes, and particularly the reasons for them. Better still, Leaders need to be pro-active; anticipating the future and preparing their people for the challenge.

The program has been concentrated into a fast-paced, skill-packed session. It will give participants the tools that can lead to significant positive performance changes and will guaranteed increased commitment to planned change. Participants will return to work with practical ideas that you can put into practice right away!


After this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand why change is critical to the future of your organization;
  • Make change strategic;
  • Understand the elements of a solid strategic plan;
  • Believe in their role as a change agent;
  • Understand how and why people react negatively to change;
  • Demonstrate leadership and guide staff successfully through change;
  • Involve people in planning for change;
  • Develop and carry out a plan for intense communications to explain the reasons and benefits of change;
  • Show empathy with people who are struggling to change;
  • Deal assertively with resistance.


  • organizations in the next decade
  • making the change: a model of strategic planning
  • managing change and improving performance
  • building commitment to change
  • working with the "abominable no-man"

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